The Adventure Island MMO RPG - Work in Progress

About the Island [beta]

It is early morning now on the island.

Current weather conditions from the northwest beach: Few small clouds. No wind. Comfortable cold temperature. Few drops of rain.

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As you prepare to embark on your journey to the mysterious island of Advinsula, a sense of excitement and apprehension fills you. This will be no ordinary adventure, but one that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams and a chance to encounter real magic for the first time in your life.

You have honed your skills and prepared for the challenges ahead, confident that you will survive in the wilderness as a foreign traveler. But it is forbidden to even speak of this secret island, let alone travel to it. However, you have managed to find a guide who knows the way and will take you there in a small rowing boat under the cover of darkness at night. You have paid dearly for this privilege and must wait patiently for many days until it is your turn to depart, and for the weather to be favorable.

As you wait, you have sought out knowledge from those who have heard rumors and gossip of its existence. What you have learned is both fascinating and daunting:


At first, you thought it was a small desert island, but you now know that it is much larger than that. The island boasts a variety of terrains, from sandy beaches to dense jungles, a mountain with a cave that leads to a dungeon, a river, tunnels, and two vast forests, one in the west and another in the east. And then there is the Enchanted Forest to the south, a place of great danger where a powerful Witch resides.


Beneath the surface of the island lie very long tunnels once used by massive worms that have long since gone extinct. Though they may be very useful and hold valuable secrets and treasures, the tunnels are also home to other dangerous creatures.

Ancient Rune Stones

Scattered throughout the island are ancient rune stones etched with arcane symbols that possess great magical properties. These stones may be of great worth if you are lucky enough to find them.

Magic Items

In the land of Advinsula, mystical items await discovery by daring travelers. But beware, not all items are what they seem. Only those with psychic intuition can sense the magic within them.

To truly understand the power and purpose of these artifacts, one must consult the Book of Magic Items. With its ancient knowledge, the book reveals the secrets of the magical items.

Full Moon

Beware the full moon, for it is a time when the magic on the island is at its most potent. Evil creatures that lurk in the shadows will emerge and hunt under the cover of night. You must be prepared to defend yourself, so you don't become their prey.

Black Stones

A strange phenomenon occurs on this island, where the bodies of foreign travelers who perish are replaced by black flat stones adorned with green glowing text displaying the name and title of the deceased, along with a number revealing how many days the person managed to survive on the island. These black stones are loaded with black magic, and their power is said to be commensurate with the value displayed on the stone. Only the sacred holy water has the power to neutralize the black magic.

Monasteries and the Elder Monk

Within the isle, there are various monasteries where peace-seeking monks reside, willing to assist lost travelers and wanderers. The grand main monastery stands atop the highest mountain in the north, guarded by a pack of well-trained falcons. Few have made it there, as the path is arduous and perilous. Within the main monastery, the elder monk, blind but gifted with visions in his dreams, lives a solitary life in his tower. His visions enable him to see and warn others of dramatic events such as murder and other nefarious deeds. His assistants transcribe his visions into warnings for those who would listen.

Religious Animalists

Some foreign travelers are religious animalists and communicate with the monks in the monasteries using their trained falcons to deliver written messages. A few times each month, their falcon make the journey to the main monastery and receive updated lists of warnings and notices, including an updated list of the Murderers, Paladins, and Masters on the island.

The Title "Murderer"

Those who shed the blood of another, save for murderers, are considered murderers and are named as such on the list of murderers. They are forbidden from entering any of the monasteries. A murderer can seek redemption by bringing the black stone of another murderer to a monastery, neutralizing it with holy water, and seeking forgiveness from the monks.

The Title "Paladin"

In the land of Advinsula, there are those who have been chosen by the elder monk to serve as paladins. Their noble mission is to seek out and track down the most heinous murderers on the island, and they are handsomely rewarded with gold for their brave deeds. These brave souls have been trained in the sacred art of creating holy water, and they have sworn their obedience to the elder monk, following a strict code of conduct.

Their vow is to protect the innocent, always be brave in the face of danger, neutralize any black stone they encounter, and never resort to using black magic. Upon acceptance, each paladin is bestowed with a trained falcon that acts as their protector, guiding them on their journey and serving as a messenger to communicate with the elder monk using letters.

Although anyone can apply to become a paladin, the process is grueling, and only a select few are accepted. The first requirement is to bring two black stones of murderers to a monastery. The number of paladins is strictly limited to ten on the island, making it a prestigious honor to hold the title.

The black stone of a paladin is doubly potent in its magical power, and those who bear the title usually keep their identities hidden for their own safety, adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding these noble protectors.

The Title "Master"

There exists a most esteemed title, that of "Master". Foreign travelers who have survived the most amount of days and at least 30 nights earn this honorable title. The Master is granted certain unique magic abilities that make them highly needed and respected. Even the noble paladins, who are renowned for their bravery and skill, cannot claim such a title as they have dedicated their life to serving the elder monk.

The Witch and the Enchanted Forest

In the southern reaches of the island lies the Enchanted Forest, where deep within the woods an infamous Witch has her home. She is the master of Black Magic, weaving her spells to sell powerful potions and arcane items to those brave enough to seek her out. She has a great need for black stones, for which she is willing to pay a very handsome price. Yet, be warned, for the Enchanted Forest is a treacherous place, and the elder monk's visions are unable to penetrate its dangerous depths.

The Cult of Fanatics

Within the western forest lies a tiny village of fanatics that have barricaded themselves from the outside world. Their belief in demons, miracles, and sacrifices is intense, and they are rumored to have captured foreign travelers and offered them as sacrifices to their twisted deities. These misguided souls must be avoided at all costs, for they show no mercy to outsiders.

The Prophecy of the Chosen One

Within the cult village, the fanatics preach about a prophecy that foretells about a Chosen One that will arrive to the island from the outside world and save the cult from their evil demon and lead them to salvation.

The Rebels

Beyond the walls of the barricaded cult village, a few farmers, merchants and outcasts quietly live their lives. They have grown tired of the cult's insane beliefs and violent actions, and have banded together to form a secret resistance group against their oppressive rulers. They hold clandestine meetings in the tavern located west of the village where they plan to one day launch an attack to overthrow the cult and take over the village. They are actively searching for new members and seeking to establish alliances with foreign travelers. They claim to have a spy inside the village who feeds them with valuable information.

The Elves

Deep within the eastern forest, the elusive Elves have lived in serenity since ancient times. They were the original settlers of the island and have maintained their peace and solitude, hidden from outsiders. Those who dare to enter their forest uninvited do so at their own peril, for the Elves have a pact with the elder monk: they are left in peace, and in return, they do not interfere in the affairs of outsiders. This pact includes the right for them to use deadly force against uninvited visitors in their forest.

The Languages of the Island

There are three languages used on the island. The primary language is common and spoken by everybody, used for everyday communication. The secondary language is said to be both beautiful and melodic and is used by the elves. The ancient language, only existing in written form, is a lost language of the past with only a handful who can decipher it.

Evil Creatures

The dark arts of black magic can twist even the most innocent of animals into evil beasts, which also makes their eyes slightly glow red in the darkness. Such creatures can be found primarily in the Enchanted Forest, but may also roam elsewhere such as in the underground. They are very sensitive to holy water, which burn them like acid. Fire is of course also a good defense. It is also known that they do not prey upon murderers, as if they are in league with the wicked.

The Monolith

Near the northern border of the Enchanted Forest, close to center of the island, stands a towering monolith of unknown origin or purpose. It has been there since time immemorial and its meaning remains a mystery. Its presence is felt by all who come near and some speculate that it holds the key to the magic of the island as it glows during the night of the full moon.

The Currency

On the island, silver coins are used as the standard currency. Ten silver coins are equivalent to one gold coin, while ten gold coins are equal to one precious gem. Finally, ten gems are equal to one diamond, which is the most rare and valuable currency on the island.

Many merchants and traders are willing to exchange valuable items for these precious stones, making them highly sought after by adventurers and treasure hunters alike.

You know that this exciting journey will test your limits, but you are ready for the challenge. You will navigate the mysteries of this island, seek out its treasures, and perhaps even uncover its secrets, all while struggling to survive.